The Best Water Bottles In The Market Today

There’s a reason why water is called and is known as the “universal solvent.” With an exponential rise in artificially flavored drinks that come in hundreds of option. and can be bought almost anywhere. It’s so easy to get used to drinking them instead of one of the healthiest liquids of all. Here are the why’s of water-importance for your kids. Plus, a list of our favorite water bottles you can choose from!

Kids And Drinking Water, Plus Our Fave Water Bottles

Water Bottles: Teaching Kids About The Importance Of Drinking Water

This may sound elementary to you. That water is something not just kids, but all men and women should constantly drink. About 65-70% of children’s bodies are made up of water. Instead of letting your child turn to the preservative-brimming artificial juice he or she saw on T.V., give them water instead. It’s refreshed more than any other drink. Also, it’s super healthy.

Person Holding Blue Plastic Bottle Splashing Water on Green Leaves

Studies have shown that these artificial drinks actually make a person more thirsty because of their high sugar content. Your child will satisfy that thirst for a few moments. However, after some time, he or she will become thirsty again.

To add, the universal solvent holds so much more nutrition than we are aware of. Read on to find out more amazing facts about it.

Benefits Of And Facts About Water

Water is actually partly responsible for giving oxygen to your body. Which means that the atmosphere isn’t our only source for it. Your bloodstream consists of water. 90% of water. So in order for proper blood circulation to occur, water is a major factor in this process.

Second, water is an excellent regulator of your body’s overall temperature. This means that it keeps your body temperature stable. Because your body is prone to storing heat, it’s always best to bring that temp to normal. Otherwise, you will experience much discomfort and even low physical performance. Therefore, the solution is to always keep yourself hydrated.

Three Lightened Bottles

The third benefit is that it acts as a detox agent. It flushes out toxins and other harmful agents from your body. A certain percentage of salt in our bodily systems need to be flushed out via sweating. Additionally, waste such as urine and feces need to be eliminated as well. And water is the way for these processes to happen.

Furthermore, if the water is taken regularly, you lessen the chances of incurring kidney trouble and other endocrine system-related diseases. Regular drinking of the universal solvent equals healthy kidneys.

More Benefits

Another benefit we want to add to this list is that water helps the digestive system function right. Proper bowel movement needs a lot of supply of water. Equivalent to this, constipation, stomach ulcers, stomach acidity, and even heartburn can be avoided by simply drinking water.

To add, water is needed in your body’s airways which ultimately lead to your heart. Your heart needs oxygen, too! And the heart is pumping blood right, with air passages unblocked, your bodily systems will have no trouble working the way they should.

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