The Best Kids’ Mugs That They Will Love

It’s only about the food that you eat. Although, of course, following through with regular exercise is another. But the other factor you sometimes fail to give attention to is what you and your child drink. Having a balanced diet should be all-encompassing. Food. Exercise. And drinks. Find out how you can prepare healthy drinks and serve them in super fun kids mugs we’ve picked out from our favorites!

Kids Mugs And Kids Healthy Drink Recipes

Kids Mugs: The Right Kinds Of Drinks For Your Child’s Health

You’ve heard it before, and we’ve mentioned it more than a few times in some of our posts. You and your youngster should drink your sugars. Artificially flavored drinks have bad sugars, preservatives, and flavorings that have no nutritional value. Or if they do, very little. However, the latter isn’ enough to cover the unhealthy effects they will have on your body.

So even if you are able to prepare healthy meals and nutrient-filled snacks for your children, if you don’t watch what they drink, then all will be for naught. To sound poetic and Medieval at that. Why? We just think it’s fun to say it that way. Going back to the topic at hand. Beverages should be given just as much importance as food.

Kids Mugs And Kids Healthy Drink Recipes

What you should be avoiding are bad sugars and unsaturated fat. The first, being almost 80 to 100% present in artificially flavored juice drinks and sodas. These bad sugars take ver minimal time for your body to digest. Due to this, it immediately goes through your body where it’s stored as bad fats and or carbs.

And although these bad sweeteners give your kids a boost of energy, the very gush of fake adrenaline with be spent quicker than they were taken in. And when this happens, the aftermath is that they’ll feel even more tired than they did before drinking the junk drink. Not an actual term, but we’re running with it.

Easy Recipes For Kids’ Healthy Beverages

Instead of letting your kids drink artificially sweetened and produced beverages, have them get a taste of our favorite healthy drink recipes!

Kids Mugs And Kids Healthy Drink Recipes

Try cucumber, lime, and parsley. You know this drink. You’ve probably already had it in some restaurant somewhere. Now, you won’t have to go out and spend much on a glass of this. Make a pitcher with said ingredients and sweeten with natural honey to preference. Cucumber gives it that refreshing taste. While lime adds some zest to it. A refreshing yet vitamin-filled way to quench the thirst!

Orange and pineapple. One that is tangy, for the best reasons there are! Both fruits contain Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. They’re also good sources of fiber, too. This means that your kids’ digestive function will be supported so that they are able to process food properly.

Our third recipe for you is a strawberry-banana mix. If you haven’t tried this kind of flavor before, don’t be too scared of it. We promise you it tastes like no other. In an awesome way!

Hint: To add some “spice” to these drinks, make smoothies out of them, as well. You’re avoiding bad sugars, honey will be the best option. But only a little of it if you can take it. Plus, you can serve this cold, with crushed ice. Simply use the blender when preparing these amazing health-filled drinks.

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