Salmon Pesto – Make A Mouthwatering Recipe


Salmon pesto is an easy recipe that requires less work and very less cooking time. The super simple recipe contains just salmon fillets coated in pesto and lemon juice and then baked. It’s delicious, healthy, and secure. Salmon is the best source of both omega 3, which protects our heart by keeping it healthy, and vitamin D that makes our teeth and bones healthy. However, panfrying is the best robust cooking method for Salmon pesto. It avoids extra oil and allows us to have more oily fish in our diets. Moreover, salmon pesto with baby roast potatoes and greens is delicious.

Ingredients For Making Salmon Pesto

500g baby potatoes chopped in halves, two large courgettes cut into small pieces, 1 tsp olive oil, one crushed clove garlic, one red pepper, one spring onion finely sliced, 25g pine nuts, 3-4 salmon fillets, ½ lemon juice, 1 ½ – 2 tbsp pesto and 250 gm cherry tomatoes.

Salmon Pesto - Make A Mouthwatering Recipe
Salmon Pesto – Make A Mouthwatering Recipe

How Can You Cook The Salmon Pesto Traybake?

  • Boiled the potatoes for 10 mins until properly, then the water should be drained.
  • A non-stick frying pan heated over temperature to 220ºC/200ºC fan/ gas6.
  • Mix the potatoes in the oil, then transfer them to a baking tray.
  • Spread the potatoes and garlic slowly in a roasting pan. However, Pour oil and mix the tray to cover all the potatoes uniformly.
  • Roast for 20 minutes. 
  • The courgette, pepper, pine nuts, and spring onions are added in the middle of the tray, keeping the potatoes side. 
  • Put the salmon on the other side of the tray. 
  • Add a squeeze of lemon juice over the salmon fillets and the vegetables.
  • Season everything with pepper. 
  • Spread the fillets and dap a generous amount of pesto.
  • Moreover, the tray should be kept to the oven for 12-15 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

Salmon Pesto Dish – Benefits

Salmon is famous for its health advantages. The farmed salmon is safe, Sockeye, wild Coho, or Atlantic Salmon is more suitable. Moreover, the salmon diet has numerous nutritional benefits, including:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, which help in decreasing blood pressure, reducing cancer risk, and diminishing infection.
  • Selenium is quite healthy for our bone health. It reduces thyroid problems.
  • Moreover, B Vitamins and folic acid, All B Vitamins work collectively and provides optimal functioning of the brain and nervous system.
Salmon Pesto - Make A Mouthwatering Recipe
Salmon Pesto – Make A Mouthwatering Recipe

Cost Of Salmon Pesto

  • Salmon four skin-on fillets: $8.99
  • Pesto four tablespoons: $1.40
  • Lemon 4 teaspoon: $0.50
  • Salt: $0.01

Moreover, the total cost includes $10.90, Based on San Diego Sprouts of the year 2019 or $2.73/serving

What Are The Storage Suggestions?

An airtight plastic or glass container in the fridge helps for storing up to 3 days. But it is advised not to freeze the cooked salmon as the texture gets spoil. Reheating the cooked salmon should also be avoided, mainly in the microwave. However, this is tastier when served cold. But still, it can be reheat in the microwave with 30 seconds.

Salmon As Staple Protein

One of the recent surveys proves that this fish forms a staple protein for several individuals during the weekend dinner parties. The reason is nothing but healthy, easy to prepare the food, and available throughout the world. This dish is the best choice to have a blasting weekend.