Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers

Even when you are super busy, you will want to make special toddler’s recipes for your bundle of happiness. If the recipes are easy to make and also fun to relish, then they have added a bonus for you. You can easily freeze all of these foods for a few days. So, you can make them in more in quantity. It becomes easier for you to allot time for making these delicious and storable recipes for picky toddlers.

Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers
Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers

Recipes For Picky Toddlers

You might be too lucky to have a toddler who loves to eat every food you present to them. Are you not? Then welcome to the teammate. It is super impossible to attract their attention to food when they are up to something else or just want your hug.

But you have to make food for all even when you are taking care of your kiddo. So, why not make some toddler’s recipes that you can store for a few days? Yes, you can give more time to your toddler while keeping their food ready beforehand. You can even make week-long recipes in a batch process to have free time.

1. Mariana Sauce Loaded With Veggies

You can definitely freeze the sauce after cooling it completely. Just put it in a glass jar and keep inside your freeze. You must prevent air contact as much as you can to keep it for 3 months flat in your freezer. You can serve this sauce with meatballs, pasta, and other yummy dishes.

2. Toddler Meatballs: Toddler’s Recipes

Why not make meatballs in a batch when you are making them for your family. You can just keep a bag full of meatballs in your freezer. But make sure there should be as less as air as possible in the bag. You can just add that in your pasta sauce and serve to your toddler after warming it in the oven. Toddlers will love the flavor of meatballs, and you can be in peace.

Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers
Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers

3. Broccoli Tots

Make a batch full of broccoli tots with the help of your food processor. These tots are very yummy and storable in an air-tight container. Serve the extra tots later in the weekend. You can warm these tots in minutes. After heating, they become soft as well as crunchy in texture. Everyone will enjoy it. Alongside toddlers, other family members can also have that with fresh fruit or salad.

4. Black Beans Quesadillas

I love to make Quesadillas. They are delicious, and my toddler also loves them. You can make a large number of quesadillas at a time for your whole family. So you don’t have to flip them standing in front of your stove endlessly. Until dinner time, you can store them covered with plastic wrap. When you want to eat just bake the entire thing as you want.

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Quick And Easy Recipes For Picky Toddlers

5. Peanut Sauce

Who doesn’t love peanut sauce? It’s so yummy. You can make your homemade peanut sauce and store it at least for 5 days. Isn’t that great? Just add some greens into it while you want to eat some veggies with peanut sauce. In an air-tight container, store the peanut sauce. If you keep it in the freezer, then it will stay good for 3 months. Just serve on veggies or noodles as you like.

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