5 Best Kid-Friendly Recipes For Picky Eaters

picky eaters

Kids often trouble their parents for meals. Many kids turn out to be fussy or picky eaters and do not like the taste of many healthy foods. This often puts the parents into a dilemma on how to feed them with healthy food. But what parents need to know that kids can be tricked easily. All you need to do is to be innovative and clever in presenting food in different forms to them. Here are some kid food ideas for picky eaters that will definitely make such parents rejoice.

food for picky eaters
Food for Picky Eaters

Kid Food Ideas for Picky Eaters

Animal Fruits

Want to feed fruits to your children? How about creating some animals shapes with fruits? You can make panda faces with apples and black grapes. You can make caterpillars with pomegranates and grapes. These activities do not take long and you can lure kids into eating healthy fruits this way. If they still create a fuss, how about drizzling some honey or maple syrup on the fruits? Involve them into making these shapes with you and you will also have an interesting activity along with a healthy meal for your kids.

Sneaky Vegetable Sandwiches

Does your child always remove the vegetables from sandwiches and prefers to eat them plain? Here is a quick trick to make them eat delicious sandwiches. Cook carrots, tomatoes, kale, avocado and whatever other vegetables you want to put inside the sandwich. Blanch them for 5 minutes and grind them to a paste. Add this paste to butter and mix it well. Season it with pepper and salt. Also, add some ketchup. Put this vegetable spread on the bread and grate cheese on top. This will make a very healthy vegetable sandwich for your kids.

Smart Pizzas

Your kids only want to have plain cheese pizza? If you want to stuff them with vegetables, make your pizza paste by adding whatever vegetables you want them to eat. This grinds them into a paste so that they won’t notice. Garnish the pizza regularly as you would with corn and cheese.

Healthy food for picky eaters
Healthy Food for Picky Eaters

Healthy Cakes

How about baking carrot cakes for your child and using yogurt dressing instead of whipped cream? This is a great way to satisfy their sugar cravings, while making sure they eat health stuff. You can also substitute plain flour with almond or wheat flour. Add lots of carrots inside and whip up a delicious yogurt dressing instead of whipped cream.

Banana Chips

These are healthier and crunchier than your regular potato chips. You can make your own banana chips at home and let your children eat a healthier option rather than the store brought potato chips.

Protein Bars

Make your own protein bars at home with lots of nuts, seeds, berries, honey, palm sugar and whatever other goodies you plan to include. These have a good shelf life and you will end up feeding your children with a protein-filled snack to satisfy their odd-time sugar cravings.

Making picky eaters eat is all about experimenting with flavors, colors, and shapes. There is definitely something that your kid loves. As a mother, you will the best judge to decide what your child may like or not. You will have to initially experiment with a lot of new food items until you get your own healthy menu for your picky eater.

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