Monogram Sandwich Recipe – Know How To Make


If you worry about your little one’s school lunch every single day, you definitely should try the monogram sandwich for their tiffin. It is the perfect lunch for kids or even adults as well. These sandwiches will make them feel special and also show your love towards them. You can personalize the sandwiches according to your preference and make them. These sandwiches are a total game-changer for a perfect lunch. You need not worry about lunch, especially for your little one after the concept of monogram sandwiches. This will change the ideas of kids who do not like sandwiches in general. 

Monogram Sandwich Recipe - Know How To Make
Monogram Sandwich Recipe – Know How To Make

Feel Every Bite 

You can use any spread that you or your little one likes, like the Red Beet or White Bean Hummus, olive, or any whipped cream only. You can add dye-free food colors and make your kids feel every bite they have. The monogram sandwiches will hence pop up once you use such creative ideas while making them. 

These sandwiches are best for any event or parties as well. They will help the party so much better with their presence. You can easily make and add this dish as a part of your party. 

With the help of using different edible colors, you can make the entire mood happy. The guests or your little one having it will feel nothing less than a rainbow. Only with the tinge of new imagination and creativity. It will help you to create the best kind of monogram sandwiches. 

Ingredients Required For Preparation

Three tablespoons of whipped cheese cream

Food coloring should be dye-free

Two pieces of bread used in sandwich preparation

Method of Preparation Of Monogram Sandwich:-

Monogram Sandwich Recipe - Know How To Make
Monogram Sandwich Recipe – Know How To Make

Step 1:- First, you need to take one whipped cheese cream and food coloring and then mix it in a bowl. You need to combine both of them properly and stir it till you achieve your desired color. Mix it evenly and properly to attain a proper texture and the color which you are expecting.

Step 2:- After you are done with all the mixing, then spread the mixture on the sandwich bread that you took. Don’t forget the cheese mixture of whipped cream. Evenly spread the whole combination of whipped cream and then move on to the next step. 

Step 3:- Now, you will need the help of the cookie cutter to cut the second bread slice into your favorite letter. Then you need to place it on the top of the whole mixture and cover it adequately. After you hide it, then it should look spotless and adequately garnished to serve. 

Step 4:- Cover the whole sandwich, and now it’s time to serve it to your children. You can also use some other form of butter if you want to change the recipe. Your children are going to love these sandwiches, and if you make them in such a creative way, they will learn a lot. 

Monogram Sandwich Recipe - Know How To Make
Monogram Sandwich Recipe – Know How To Make


Thus, by reading the above article, you learned about a unique dish that you can make for your children. Your children are going to love these sandwiches because of their taste and structure.