Kids Tea Party Food Idea – A Healthy Way to Feed Your Kids

kids tea party food idea

Preparing kids tea parties can be very fun especially when you have a host that you can depend on and trust. If you’re aiming for this type of occasion, here are some of the best ideas you may want to consider. With your creative and resourceful thoughts, you’ll surely come up with the best possible menu for the event.4

Inviting your kids for tea parties doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to eat tea, though that would definitely make a perfect setting. What you need to do is to encourage them to taste and learn more about different types of teas and how to brew them properly. Share the knowledge you’ve gained from reading books or watching online videos from various sources. In doing so, you’ll show them how great the beverage tastes and encourage them to join you in enjoying it more.

Prepare A Delicious Menu

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Prepare a delicious menu spread and serve your guests with it. If you know their favorite flavors and how to recreate them, that’s a bonus. But if not, you can get some of the best teas from local supermarkets or tea shops and then concoct them at home. You may also want to get creative and add your own unique touch on the menu. You can do this by researching on different foods and combining them with fruits, veggie juices, and various flavors.

Consider Having A Children’s Tea Party Where They Can Bring Their Own Teas

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You can also consider having a children’s tea party where they can bring their own teas. This way, you won’t have to buy any teas from the local supermarket. You may want to provide sugar cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, or pies as part of their selection. Aside from tea, you can also serve cakes, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, and cookies. Your kids will surely love getting something new for desserts and will be very thankful to you for the additional treats.

To spice up the party, you can get kiddie foods such as finger sandwiches, hotdogs, sausages, buns, and other stuff. Finger sandwiches are very easy to make with only a fork and you can put all the toppings you like. You can also ask your kids to bring some doughnuts and cookies. If you don’t want to cook, you can just provide your kids with the toppings so they can do the cooking themselves. However, don’t forget to make your kid take a bite first so they don’t end up tasting too much sweet stuff.

Serve Some Tea And Cakes In The Form Of A Tea Bag Or Tea Bowl

You can also serve some tea and cakes in the form of a tea bag or tea bowl. There are plenty of tea bags that you can buy in local supermarkets but if you’re buying in bulk then it would be best to buy them from a tea farm. This way, you can be sure that you’ll get your kids the best quality tea that they can enjoy for a long time.

Kids party foods don’t need to be too complicated nor should they be served only once. It’s better if you can serve them again so your kids will get excited each time they see their favorite food. You can also make some extra batch of this food to freeze it and then serve it during the party when everyone is feeling a bit too hungry. You can also get the guests to bring their own dishes with them so you won’t have to worry about that. Just make sure you make enough for everybody.


The best thing about kids tea party food ideas is that you don’t have to follow the usual taste of classic foods. Of course you can still do that if you want to but most kids would rather have something that is unique from the usual. So why not consider having healthy versions of their favorite foods? They can still eat the traditional stuff but they can also have a healthier alternative so they can feel better about what they are eating. And so they can learn a little about the right and wrong type of food for their body type too.

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