Bento Boxes Suitable For Your Kids At School

Kids bento. It isn’t merely a lunch box with dividers. Although, that literally depicts what a bento box is. A container that makes it easy for your child to bring his healthy meals to school, or anywhere else. This type of lunch box allows you to separate dishes. Plus, they’re make allow for non-spill, leak-proof handling especially when in transit. However, there’s more to bento than meets the eye. Read on and find out what and why (wow that rhymed).

Kids Bento: A Little Bit Of Bento History

It has been said that the Bento originated in Japan during the 5th century. In this period, these food boxes were made of wood and were used the same way as you would use them today. To separate food and sides from one another. At this time, practicality was its main purpose.

However, when the modern era approached, the unique lunch box attracted popularity from the Japanese. As a result, craftsmen began tapping into their creative minds to make Bento designs. When it once was plain and looked at only for its efficiency, it became something of a novelty. People wanted to have these food containers not only because they’re useful food containers. But because they looked beautiful. And collecting them became a thing, too.

Benefits Of The Bento

Isn’t a bento box just like any other lunch box out there? Well, yes and no. On one hand, it IS because its purpose is to keep food in such a way that spillage can be avoided. And so that your food will be kept fresh. To add, flavors of different items won’t get mixed up.

Kids Bento: Why Choose To Go Bento?

On the other hand, a bento box ISN’T merely like any other of your meal containers. Because it has an underlying benefit you may not have known of until now. Bento boxes’ dividers are there for a reason. Not only do they separate dishes and sides. Additionally, they automatically portion food into specific amounts.

Mommies and daddies, you can go back to the food pyramid and check which layers are the ones that need to be eaten more by your kiddos. Protein and calcium. Fruits and vegetables. Good fat and carbohydrates. You can separate each dish with ease, according to the portions they should be taken in. The more important the layer, the larger the space it should fill in the bento. Convenient yet education, right?

Furthermore, you will unintentionally be teaching them about the food pyramid itself and what a balanced diet is. By following our tip of filling in spaces according to their hierarchy on the food pyramid, your kiddos will learn first hand what they should eat most of. Along with what they should eat least.

Another benefit is that it will help you prepare a variety of food for your children. And variety is helpful when it comes to healthy items so that they won’t get bored and resort to junk food and artificially sweetened treats. Variety adds excitement to your and your kids’ meals.

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