Keep Food Warm And Fresh Using This Lunch Box with Insulation


When your kids are at home, you can rest easy knowing that you serve them good food. But when they’re in school, you might worry about what they eat. You won’t have this concern, though, if you pack their lunch because you know everything you put in it. And if you’re worried again about their lunch getting too cold to eat, put it in a lunch box with insulation. This should resolve the issue and give you peace of mind even when you’re not around for your kids for lunch.

Investing in an insulated toddler lunch box for your kids will make them feel the warmth of your love and care, even when they are in school. It will remind them that you are still looking after them even when they are eating on their own. It will also encourage them to eat some more instead of turning their noses up on cold, soggy food. Over time, they will learn to love lunchtimes, thanks to their cute insulated lunch box.

Toddler Lunch Box With Insulation

Toddler Lunch Box With Insulation

Meals away from home don’t have to be from a box of cold food that is now all mixed up and spilled over each other when you have a proper lunch box with insulation. You can prevent the food from mixing up with each other and looking messy by choosing a lunch box with two, three or four grids. It is something that this toddler lunch box has. You can choose which lunch box to use depending on what you have prepared for your kids’ meal.


You can get more bang for your bucks if you buy this toddler lunch box with insulation because of these features:

  • Complete insulation to keep your kids’ meals warm and fresh
  • Fully-locked cover to prevent spillage
  • Made with 304 stainless steel and plastic shell
  • Available in three types based on their grids – two-grid plate, three-grid plate, and four-grid plate
  • 26 x 19.5 x 5 cm in dimension           
  • 580 grams in weight
  • Can accommodate 0.80 liters in the stainless steel plate and 1.20 liter in its plastic shell
  • Bears colorful, attractive drawings on top of the cover

Keeping The Food Warm

If you don’t want to take your chances of your kids’ lunch getting warm and risk discouraging your picky kids from eating, use the insulated feature of this box to your advantage. Add boiling water below the stainless steel grids of this lunch box. This will extend the time during which the food will be kept warm. This will also give you peace of mind that your kids will complain about losing their appetite because their food does not look good to eat anymore.

Aside from pouring boiling water into the lunch box, it can be used in the microwave oven, too. If your kids have a common microwave in school, they can simply ask their teacher or any adult to stick their lunch in the microwave, and they’ll have a warm lunch to eat.