How To Create A Birthday Party That The Kids Will Remember

food idea for kids bday party

If you have a son or daughter turning seven in a few short months, be sure to use this free period of his or her life to allow him or her to explore various food options that they may not have known were possible. While we know there will be lots of cakes, cookies and other sweets to choose from, some children are more adventurous than others, and it’s good to give them the chance to try something different.

The first step is to make sure your child is ready to try new foods. Ask them if they are hungry. Some kids will have cravings before the party even starts, so it’s best to let them have some candy and chips first. Make sure they know to eat at the party only when they are hungry, so don’t make them take an additional snack home. It can help kids develop a healthy relationship with food.

What Foods They Like

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When planning food ideas for kids for their Bday party, parents should keep in mind what foods they like. It can be fun to incorporate favorites into the party menu. For example, if your child loves Mexican food, make tortillas for a simple party appetizer. Other ideas for a party menu with a Mexican flair include fajitas, tacos and burritos. Another idea is to serve chili at the party.

Most children love cake and cookies, so why not combine these items? For starters, you can make the cakes ahead of time and freeze them, then just assemble them on the day of the party. Some parents like to assemble the cakes and cookies at home, so make sure you have plenty of the necessary ingredients. One easy way to make a cake look like a Mexican taco is to use frosting that mimics the texture of Mexican chocolate. You may be able to find this type of frosting at your local store. You could also try adding some Mexican candy or dried fruit to the batter.

Serve Fruit

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Another fun food idea for kids that you can put together is to serve fruit. A great fruit choice for a party is a pomegranate. If you can’t find the pomegranate at the store, just buy the canned kind. Another idea for a fruit option for a kids’ party is pineapple. This fruit has a nice, tart flavor that goes great with a Mexican dish.

Assembling your own food idea for kids can be a lot of fun, but it does require some planning. Make sure that you have plenty of the right supplies on hand before you start to cut up your fruits or vegetables. You also need to figure out how many guests will be eating at one time.

Important To Be Open-Minded

The key to creating a food idea for kids that everyone will enjoy is to have a variety of food options. It’s especially important to be open-minded if your child’s guest of honor is not very keen on any of your choices. Remember that everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so it’s important to give your guests all of the food they desire.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive food ideas for kids that doesn’t take too much time is to let your kids help pick out the food. Make sure that everyone eats, even the children who don’t want to eat.


Once you’ve gotten everyone involved in the picking of the food, you can put the foods in a themed bowl and serve the kids with their favorite flavors. Make sure that each guest of honor has a chance to choose his or her favorite, and you’re sure to have a wonderful time planning a kids birthday party that everyone will enjoy.

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