Fun Food Craft Activity for Kids

food craft for kids

Kids love hanging around in the kitchen “helping”, and they also love crafting. So pairing the two together to keep little ones busy, and reaping the rewards of their crafting work is a match made in heaven. It’s nice when children can begin to learn the basics around cooking and baking, and some of these recipe activities do just that! Each of these ideas will stretch their creative minds, and allow them to eat it or serve it when they’re done. It’s truly a win-win! Especially in those busy summer months! Occupy and entertain kids with any one of these recipes and it’s sure to be a hit.

1. Animal Faces Toast

A doughnut sitting on top of a cutting board

Kids love to have food that seems interactive. That’s why they love dippable items oh so much! These cute critters take a twist on mealtime allowing creativity to come into the presentation.

Simply line up some ramekins with toppings and spreads and allow each kid to design their own edible creation… before they munch it all down.

2. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

A close up of a doughnut

For a quick and easy idea, get 4 bowls of cheese ready with food coloring and have your kids magically transform the cheese into bold new colors.

Then, you make grilled cheese as normal! Well, rainbow-normal.

3. Mini Jell-O Aquariums

Kids can get creative with their favorite ocean-themed gummies inside of a Jell-O filled mason jar, complete with those aquarium “rocks” (aka Nerds).

Only 4 ingredients needed and a little bit of patience to make these with kids! They’ll love making them just as much as they’ll love eating them!

4. Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs

Perhaps a great thing to make after you finish storytime with Eric Carle’s “A Very Hungry Caterpillar”! These caterpillars are made of grapes, strawberries, and some edible eye candies – all your kid’s favorites!

Since those kabobs can be sharp, be sure to stay with them as they create their little critters!

5. Squid Dogs

When I first made this with my kids, the delight in their eyes I couldn’t imagine. They loved poking the hot dog pieces (can sub for veggie dogs for vegan) with uncooked spaghetti noodles and watching as the boiling water cooked them into octopuses.

This is an easy weeknight dinner that can be served with ketchup or tomato sauce, or just as is! It’s a fun finger food for the whole family to enjoy!

6. Candy & Rice Krispie Sushi

When it comes time to create a special treat they’ll be just as excited to make as they will eat – it’s candy sushi!

Gummy worms and licorice rolled into Rice Krispies treats and wrapped with a fruit roll up, well…what’s not to get excited about?? Watch as the kids learn to roll their very own sushi before you take over with the final cuts!

So, ask your kids which of these activities they would like to try or whether they would want to make all of them.

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