Easy Weeknight Dinners – Don’t Have Time to Make Them

easy weeknight dinners

So, it is late fall and your vegetables have just started to appear from the last few weeks of harvesting. What do you do with them now? I often go with my Sunday afternoon meal plan: make lasagna, chop up the onions and peppers and set the crock pot to simmer. Sometimes there are leftovers from the night before or leftover veggies from the weekly grocery store rotation. Other times, I forget about the lasagna and salsa and freeze everything or pick up a frozen appetizer or two from the supermarket that evening. But, what if your weekly dinner was easy, like an easy weeknight dinner?

Well, how can easy weeknight dinners be easy? Well, the way to look at it, an easy weeknight Dinner essentially means that you do not need to run around crying in the corner and wailing on how annoying it is to have to cook a busy meal on busy weeknights. Easy weeknight dinners are of the following:

An Overview

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Baked potato and bean salad with some of my favorite salsa and some freshly grated cheddar cheese, served with your choice of chips or baked tortilla chips, makes a tasty and healthy snack. You could also prepare your baked potato and bean salad sandwiches using your favorite taco meat; I prefer grilled shrimp or grilled chicken. Dress your taco meat using your favorite salsa or your favorite cheese and place it on top of some fresh sliced tomatoes and Fresh Basil accompanied by your choice of either Chips or Tortilla Chips, fresh chopped vegetables and your baked potato. Make sure you eat your potato and bean salad before you serve your taco meat because tortilla chips and Fresh Basil won’t do you much good by the time they hit your plate! Serve your baked potato and bean salad with fresh cut romaine lettuce, green onions, and your homemade salsa, and you will have one tasty, easy to prepare, quick easy to enjoy meal.

Easy Weeknight Dinners

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Easy weeknight dinners can be prepared using your favorite ingredients as long as they are in the refrigerator. Try one of these easy to make and quick to prepare recipes: macaroni and cheese with tomato sauce and just a dash of Tabasco sauce, chicken nuggets with toasted bread crumbs, pork rinds with garlic powder, and beef stew with carrots and cauliflower. These recipes have been tested many times and come out to be tasty and healthy, especially when prepared on the same day as your main meal. If you would like to try your hand cooking these easy recipes, please check them out; they are guaranteed to be one of the tastiest meals you have ever made.

One of the best ways to make a fun and light dinner is by preparing your ingredients in advance and then cooking your delicious and easy to make meal during your free time. The perfect example of this method would be to prepare your main dish and then use your leftovers to cook another dish that evening. You can also do the opposite; that is, you can prepare an easy to make but filling dinner for you busy week nights and then use it for your next day of work. Your family will love being able to have this choice each night.

One of my friends and neighbors has a whole garage full of delicious easy weeknight dinners. I have asked her what she does with all her leftovers and she said she uses it to make tacos for her family. She said she has a Pressure cooker (which I also have) and all she needed to do was combine all her meats, vegetables, cheeses, sauces, etc., into a zip-type container and throw it in the back, along with some tortilla chips, and voila! – tacos were ready!


These easy weeknight dinners tasted great, tasted like they came from a hundred feet under, and saved money as well. By baking tortillas, using a low calorie sauce and putting together the chicken, vegetables, cheeses, sauces, quinoa, her family could easily have served themselves for less than they would have for an expensive restaurant meal. She even managed to keep the cost of the entire meal down by using leftovers as the sauce for her burrito buns, and adding salsa to the sauce to make it a low calorie, high protein option for her next meal.

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