Delicious And Healthy Snacks For Kids At School


Giving your kids healthy snacks at school is your responsibility as their parent. During the growing period, kids often become hungry between their meals. However, giving them packaged snacks during those times is an extremely unhealthy approach. Those packaged snacks are most of the time full of extra sugar, refined flour, and various artificial ingredients.

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Snack time brings the right opportunity to give healthy snacks for kids. It helps to introduce some extra nutrients to a child’s diet. Instead of giving highly processed snacks, why not feed the kids healthy snacks which will provide nutrition and energy. There are some healthy snacks for kids that you can keep in your home always.

1. Popcorn: Healthy Snacks For Kids

Yes, popcorn may feel like junk food, but it is a nutritious whole grain that you would want to give your kid. If you don’t add any unhealthy toppings, it belongs to the healthy snacks for kids category. At home, you can air-pop the popcorns. Just drizzle butter, and you can also sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese.

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2. Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy snack for your kids, as it gives calcium and protein. For kids’ bone development, calcium is very important. There are some yogurts which contain live bacteria. It benefits with digestion in everyone.

Most marketed yogurt we see at the supermarket contain a high dose of sugar. So, it is better to choose full-fat, plain yogurt. You can add fresh fruits or just drizzle some honey to sweeten the yogurt. Don’t give yogurt with honey to infants who are less than 1 year old. It can cause infection in them.

3. Celery, Peanut Butter & Raisins

Yes, you read it right. It is also known as “ants on a log”. It is one of the fun ways you can make your kids to eat vegetables that they wouldn’t eat otherwise.

Cut a celery stalk into 2-3 pieces. Spread some peanut butter over the celery. Next, add raisins on top. This 3-food combination brings the right balance between carbs, proteins as well as fat. Buy a peanut butter which doesn’t contain vegetable oils or sugar.

4. Cottage Cheese: Healthy Snacks For Kids

Cottage cheese is both creamy and fresh, so infants can also eat this cheese. This cheese has a rich amount of protein, selenium, calcium, and vitamin B12. For children’s brain development as well as proper growth, you definitely need Vitamin B12. So, serve cottage cheese with some dried or fresh fruit. You can also have it as it is or spread over a toast.

Nuts in Round White Bowl

5. Nuts

Your kids can get their required anti-oxidants as well as the daily dose of fiber from nuts itself. Nuts contain healthy fats, and we know how important dietary fat is for child growth. Previously doctors recommended withholding giving nuts to children as an allergic reaction can happen. But recent studies suggest that it is best to include nuts from an early age can lower the allergy risk.

6. Oatmeal

Yes, oatmeal makes a healthy snack option for kids. Oats contain soluble fiber. So, in the digestive tract, the beneficial bacteria count increases big time. Apart from that, oats bring other health benefits to all those consume it.

It is best to skip the flavored oats. Make some rolled oats. Add diced apples and a little bit of cinnamon over it.