Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids

There are some dishes that your kids will love to eat and also help you to make. We all know feeding kids is a pure challenge, so having them help you out can definitely speed things up a bit. It can also be the time when you have fun together, and they will also learn a lot of stuff when it comes to cooking.

1. Asian Fish Cakes

Among all children’s dishes, this one presents the codfish in a bite-sized fun way. Believe it or not, the stubborn kid will also get encouragement after seeing the decoration. It really tastes fabulous.

Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids
Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids

2. Grilled Meatloaf Burgers

You won’t find any kid who doesn’t love to have some meatloaf. If you serve these smoky, delicious sandwiches, these will satisfy your kids in no time. Keep your ears sharp as you will hear only praise after serving this.

3. Creative Dishes: Quesadillas

There can be many picky eaters, but when it comes to quesadillas, all will love to enjoy it. Yes if you haven’t made these delicious quesadillas yet for your kids, then you should make it. Your kiddos will love to enjoy this dish.

4. Crispy Chicken Fingers & Apple Fries

Everyone loves to bite into crispy baked chicken fingers. Along with it if you serve some freshly made apple fries, the combination is just right. Kids will have both without complaining.

Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids
Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids

5. BBQ Chicken

That BBQ sauce and chicken covered in it is itself so drooling for us adults. So why won’t it attract the kids? You can make these drooling chicken recipe anywhere with your kids. They will finish eating quickly as this is an amazingly tasty and fulfilling dish.

6. Pepperoni Pizza Pockets

My kids love to have these hot pockets. I make these pockets at my home instead of buying them from frozen-food aisle. You can make it with fresh cheese, pie crust, and pepperoni. That’s it. As you are making it at your home, you know what is going inside these pockets.

7. Creative Dishes: Cheesy Corkscrews

If your kids finish the cheesy macaroni, they will also love this cheesy corkscrews recipe. The special touch into the recipe comes from a good amount of crunchy bacon served on top. The corkscrew pasta with cheese and pieces bacon can make anyone hungry.

8. Kale Chips

You don’t have to make these chips in front of your kids. Make it when they are not at home. They shouldn’t acknowledge that these chips are made from kale, before eating the chips. Otherwise, they won’t want to take a bite. But once they eat it, they probably won’t want to eat potato chips. It is great news, right! I also experienced so. My two kids just love it any time I make them.

9. Creative Dishes: Vegetable Lasagna

Unlike the chicken lasagna, this recipe has red peppers, spinach, zucchini, and mushrooms. If you have the leftovers in your freezer, it will still make some healthy dinner for today. It is easy to make and homemade, healthy alternative.

cooked food on black plate beside fork and spoon on brown wooden table
Creative Dishes To Make With Your Kids

10. Mac & Cheese With Spinach & Feta

Picky eaters may have voted your Mac and cheese dish previously, and they loved it. Now you can try that with feta cheese and spinach. It will be creamy, healthy and kids will also approve that delicious green Mac and cheese recipe.

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