6 Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas For Your Child

6 Awesome Toddler Meal Ideas For You

Toddler meal ideas are very hard to make. Feeding your toddler is a real struggle. Toddlers can be happy in one moment and get cranky and tired in other moments. As they don’t understand that they are hungry, so they remain in a bad mood until they get something to eat. After wrestling with a wild-child, you definitely go through highs and lows of emotion in a day, a week, or during some months. Still, you have to have some toddler meal ideas that will also fulfill you and other members of a family.

6 Awesome Toddler Meal Ideas For You

Why not try out some easy toddler meal ideas which will satisfy the appetite of your toddler and won’t take your too much time.

1. Toddler Meal Ideas – Frittata Cups

You can have these cups even at dinners at least once in your week. Cut soft scrambled eggs with toast into small pieces and serve with fresh seasonal fruits. It will be a rightly balanced meal. The frittata cups can take toddler meal ideas one step higher. You can have some leftovers also for morning times.

2. Black Bean Tacos In 10 Minutes

When you have a toddler in your house, you can save your meal planning time with this 10 minutes recipe. Yes, when my girl was little, we used to have the black bean and sweet potato tacos at least twice in a week. It saves time. You can serve quesadillas inserting fillings of potatoes and black beans. Even you will enjoy this short yet power-packed recipe.

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3. Pizza Rolls With Zucchini Pesto

If you have pizza dough in your house along with zucchini pesto jar, then all you need is 10 minutes to prepare the dish. When I found out that my kids eat any vegetables when I wrap those vegetables around pizza dough, I make them frequently. If your kids don’t like zucchini, then you can just keep the zucchini pesto in front of them and bake some pizza dough. They will give the pesto a shot, and after they feel it is tasty, they will love it.

4. Avocado Toast For Your Baby And You

You can definitely serve toast at dinner during weekdays. As you have a toddler, life becomes hectic. So you can make quick avocado toast for both you and your baby, which is full of healthy nutrients. You can smear some fresh fruit, and nut butter on your toast. Serve hummus toast adding some grated veggies, and add hard-boiled eggs in your buttered toast.

6 Awesome Toddler Meal Ideas For You

5. Green Smoothies

Yes, we mostly think of smoothie as a morning starter food at breakfast time. But to give you fuel, these smoothies should not stay your kid’s morning diet. You can make the smoothie more nutritious and filling with frozen greens, and other vegetables as well as oats.

6. Mac And Cheese: One Of The Toddler Meal Ideas

When you are mad as your toddler is in a destroying spree. Make the comfort food that both you and your kiddo will love to have. As tired as you are after running behind him or her, you must make something that doesn’t make you more exhausted. You want something easy and fulfilling for the stomach. At least, at the times of dinner, your children will stay shut as the dish is yummy.

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